Project management

The principle is simple since project management fees are set in advance according to the project cost to be achieved. Project management requires experience in several areas:

Computerized estimate, stewardship and supervision of residential and commercial construction sites.

Knowledge of construction rules and standards.

Knowledge of planning and interaction with the costs involved.

Time management.

Knowledge of different forms of financing and their requirements.

Choice of different stakeholders, subcontractors and suppliers.

Experience of the project manager

Mr. Daniel Legros, now accompanied by his son Michael, has accomplished several Commercial Renovations and built several residential properties for over 24 years on the South Shore, North Shore and the Laurentians.

Dynamic team

Whether it’s the management staff, cost estimators, site management, we all have the same goal: to satisfy you and make your project a reality according to your specifications.


The benefits of using a project manager are obvious:

» personalized service ;

» taking into account all your interests;

» construction of an unique project;

» negotiations ensured for a market standard quality.

This consists of self-construction, with the benefits of an experienced project manager, who will take care of all aspects of construction for the realization of the project for the consumer.

Vous profiterez donc des services d’un gérant de projet expérimenté qui s’occupera de tous les aspects de la réalisation de votre projet.

Bank of subcontractors and suppliers

The quality of a project depends on the quality of execution and passionate craftsmen who love their work.

We have years of accumulated experience and reliability by executing several works in internal management.

The Result

A project of superior quality which you will be proud of, thanks to these rules:

» The initial estimate ;

» Monitoring the site;

» Site management and coordination;

» Quality control and verification of the different performers;

» Tracking deadlines;

» Control of project management, costs and financing options.